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As you begin to think about buying a home, you're probably acutely aware that this may be your greatest investment ever so you should take the time to figure out first, which community in Northern Bergen county fits your needs. On my HOME page click on the "ABOUT OUR (201) TOWNS button. You'll find informative but succinct overviews of each of the Northern Bergen towns.  Take a few moments to peruse each town to learn about its size, ambience, amenities and home prices. Once you've roughly identified which town you'd like to make "home", start perusing the online listings but keep in mind that many homes for sale are never listed publicly.  They are called "EXCLUSIVES".

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Despite (and perhaps because of) the great selection of properties in Northern Bergen county, you may have a difficult time zeroing in on the home that is uniquely appropriate for your needs and making that home yours. This is where I come in.

- I will make sure you see only the properties that meet your needs and investment preferences, so that you don't spend time on listings that aren't of interest.
- As you compare the best deals, I'll provide you with important information about the home, its neighborhood, zoning issues, utilities, and nearby plans for development.
- I will help you get either pre-qualified or pre-approved so that you will be negotiating from a position of financial strength.

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-As your buyer's agent it will be MY job to represent you and get the best deal possible.
- I'll also attend property inspections, make sure any and all agreed-on repair work is carried out and handle paperwork related to the sale.

 If you'd like to know more about the home buying process, I'd love to tell you all about it. 

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